Nakshatras, Trimsamsa and Vastu by Sri AB Shuklaji, Hon. National President, ICAS

Apr 24, 2016

As part of the continuing astrological education, ICAS Mysore chapter, conducted One day programme on Chaitra Krishna Dwitiya, Vishakaha Nakshatra of Durmukha / Saumya samvatsara, Bhanuvar (24th April 2016). Sri AB Shuklaji, Hon. National President of ICAS was kind enough to teach the students on intricacies of nakshatras, the astronomical significance of trimsamsa and its application in delineation and an introduction to Vastu.

Sri AB Shuklaji began his lecture by asking the question what is the SIGNIFICANCE OF NAAMA NAKSHATRA that the tradition has prescribed? He traced the significance to its relation to Nandikeshavara sutras and Maheshvara Sutras. He also explained the significance of four nakshatras that act as pillars of a kundali: Ardra, Hasta, Poorvashadha and Uttarabhadrapada, which reveal significant things about the native and helps in delineating he said. Some important dimensions of CPPL in relation to the 4 stars – principles and their application in the context of an individual chart was illustrated.

TRIMSAMSA is normally termed as D30 in English and is also called as 1/30th of a house, which is not only a misnomer but totally wrong, he said. He justified his statement by revealing the importance of never forgetting the astronomical basis of astrology in the context of why only 5 planets are considered while erecting the trimsamsa chart. The significance of trimsamsa in case of application to charts of women, the context in which it should be used – dependent women, independent women etc. was brought before us in detail.

Guruji AB Shuklaji unraveled the relationship between physics, astronomy, biology and astrology in his introduction to the Vastu. First of all he explained the differences between astrology and Vastu. Relationship between Tattwas, vastu and astrology was explained beautifully with rich visual aids. He elucidated the basis of Vastu by referring to the Taittirya Brahmana and the Bhagavadgeeta.

His introduction to vastu and its scientific basis was out and out empirical as he illustrated the principles by quoting live examples, which left no student an unbeliever or agnostic with respect to the Vastu.

A total of 33 students participated in the programme, which included 2 foreign nationals. In fact, one had come all the way from Puducherry just to hear Gurudev! The sessions also marked interesting discussion and answering the queries of students.

IN the concluding session, the Chapter honoured all of its faculty members and a couple of students who have worked tirelessly for the growth of the Chapter. Sri AB Shuklaji gave copies of Adhyatama Ramayana, Ramacharita Manas and books of Dr B V Raman to the faculty and students. A certificate of participation was also distributed on the occasion.

ICAS Mysore Chapter expresses its gratitude to Sri AB Shuklaji for his illuminating teaching and heartfelt thanks to Sri Ashish Sharmaji for his advice in conducting the programme. Our sincere thanks to all the past and present students of ICAS who attended the programme.