Description of origin of Kalapurusa in Vamana Purana – Soumya Kumar

Mar 6, 2019

Describing the destruction of Daksa’s sacrifice by Siva, the Vamana Purana mentions Kala Purusa. Being afraid of Lord Sankara engaged in destroying the sacrifices of Daksa, the sacrifice i.e, Yajna Purusa, assumed he form of the divine deer and flew up in the sky along with his wife, Daksina. Aiming his Pasupatastra (missile?!) at it, the one half of the body of Siva chased it while the other half remained in the sacrificial ground. The half of Sankara’s body that remained is known as Jatadhara and the other half that flew up in the sky was called Kalarupi Hara. It pervaded the whole of the sky. Thus the entire zodiacal belt was covered by the limbs of the Siva.

Having thus referred to the form of Kalarupi Hara in this way the Vamana Purana describes this form in terms of the different Rasis representing different parts.