Jyotishmati – Continuing Astrological Education: 02

Apr 24, 2016

Sri AB Shuklaji, Hon. National President of ICAS will be teaching us on 24th April 2016, for one whole day.

TOPICS covered:

1. Nakshatras: New Dimensions for Delineation

2. Introduction to Vastu

3. Significance of Divisional Charts with special reference to Trimsamsa

Venue: Hotel Atrium, Near Columbia Asia Hospital

Registration Fee: Rs. 800/- only

Contact Smt Padmavathi S Bhat: 09880435175


Pay the fee to: Corporation Bank, Vontikoppal Branch,

SB Account No: 027400101026028

Mysore Chapter, ICAS,

IFSC: CORP0000274

and please inform Smt Padmavathi S Bhat

November 9, 2015