Advanced Course for Mysore Chapter Teachers by Sri AB Shuklaji, Hon. National President, ICAS

Apr 23, 2016

Sri A B Shuklaji, Hon. National President of ICAS conducted a day long advanced course for the teachers and a couple of students on 23rd April 2016. The course was particularly formatted to cover the intricacies of delineation and clear the doubts of the participants.

Sri Shuklaji in his inimitable style took us to the roots of jyotish vidya. He clarified the questions raised by making us to look deeper in to the mantras dedicated to planets in the Veda, especially the yajurveda.

He laid a great foundation by explaining the inner meaning of mantras pertaining to Moon and Mercury. This was followed by relating the characterisation of planets in veda to the CPPL.

Quoting from Mundaka Upanishat, Guruji reasoned that use of astrology is to

1. what the native was in past?

2. what the native is in present?

3. what the native will be in future?

CPPL’s sophisticated principles and finer application was taught with illustrations ranging from Lord Krishna’s chart to some horoscopes of students present. He also made us understand why Sage Parashara says that a horoscope should be read from Lagna, Moon and Sun, with reference to CPPL and nakshatras. He was kind enough to clarify doubts ranging from eclipses, yogas, logic behind natural friendship or enmity of planets and spirituality.

One of the teachers asked whether donating blood can be considered as a remedy for Mars? Sir answered in detail about what constitutes a remedy, the rationale grounding it and parameters to be considered while prescribing remedies and explained whether blood donation can be considered as remedy or not?

The last session was devoted to Vastu as a complementary course to astrology. He carefully took us down the path of tattwas-energy direction, pancha koshas, and their relationship to vastu and explained in detail the principles stated by Raja Todarmal and Vishvakarma Prakash.

It was literally a day where we were taken to the roots of astrology. The logic behind principles we apply and teach was firmly elaborated by linking them to the Veda, Upanishads and Srimadbhagavadgeetha. It was a scientific, astrological journey and spiritual journey.

We can only say: Om Gurave namah!