Workshop on Pancha pakshi shastra by Dr Saravanan Elumalai, National Secretary, ICAS

Aug 14, 2016

Basic principles and application of Pancha Pakshi Shastra was taught by Sri Saravanan Elumalai, Hon. National Secretary of ICAS on 14th August 2016.

Sri Saravanan sir explained the origin, importance and possible areas of application of this ancient science of delineation. He grouped the members attending the workshop according to their ruling bird which is identified on the basis of native’s birth star. One student was unaware of his birth star and his ruling pakshi or bird was fixed by taking the first vowel of his name. It was interesting to see persons sharing same ruling bird being grouped together and how nicely they bonded together. He then explained the rules governing ruling bird and sub-birds along with their dignity or status.

Pancha pakshi shastra was also explained through Svar Shastra. He taught the sophistication involved in breathing and how breathing can be used for both self development and in answering astrological questions.

The session continued with the students learning the rationale behind using the principles of pancha pakshi shastra. With the foundation being laid, Sri Saravanan sir took up a host of issues wherein this system can be applied and also enumerated the rules applicable in cases like education, marriage, stolen articles, progeny, travel etc. Number of examples were cited by him to impress the utility of pancha pakshi shastra.

The post lunch session was devoted to explaining the application of pancha pakshi shastra in horary or prashna astrology. Sri Saravanan exhaustively dealt with all the 12 ascendants and relationship of each ascendant with different houses or bhavas. The intricacies of analysing each bhava was explained in the most humourous manner that was formatted around question and answer method. This exercise was linked to teach how horary queries can be answered in a simple and direct manner.

Sri Saravanan Elumalai has condensed the regular 144 tables of pancha pakshi shastra to just 10 tables and this was distributed to the participants for easy reference. He was kind enough to show the participants how to prepare the yantra of pancha pakshi shastra along with the mantra that helps in mastering this ancient system. He ended his teaching by stressing that pancha pakshi shastra should never be used to harm others, in any possible manner, and also to never show disrespect to one who practices this shastra.

The Programme started with Ms Surabhi Pusthakam leading the prayer, Soumya Kumar’s welcome. Sri Subramanya R Tantri proposed the vote of thanks.