Jyotishmati : An Astro-Spiritual Retreat by Sri AB Shuklaji

Jan 6, 2016

The Retreat is a blend of jyotisha (astrology), adhyatma (spirituality), dhyana (meditation), prarthana (prayers), pooja and homa.

It is intended that the participants will get a holistic initiation in to the subtleties of astrology with the requisite personality development that every astrologer should necessarily possess.

A broad outline of the activities includes:

1. Prarthana-Dhyana-Yoga Sabha: Prayer-Meditation-Yoga Assembly

2. Yajna Sabha: Assembly for Fire Sacrifice and worshipping

3. Jyotisha Geetha Sabha: Astrology Assembly

4. Jnana Sabha: Assembly for Wisdom

Programme Schedule:

Date of Assembly: Evening of 1st January 2016 (Friday)

Programme Dates: Early morning of 2nd January (Saturday) to Evening of 3rd January (Sunday); that is 3 nights and two days

Venue: Academy of Sanskrit Research, Melukote, which is a temple town established by Sri Ramanujacharya. It is about 60 km from Mysuru and 150 km from Bengaluru.

Melukote is situated on a hill and the presiding deity is Sri Chaluvanarayana Swamy (Beautiful Narayana). It is dotted with ponds and trees and there is also a temple dedicated to Sri Yoga Narasimha Swamy. There is also a very good library consisting of both printed books and palm leaves

Accommodation: Cottages have been arranged which is shared among the participants.

Cost: A nominal fee of Rs. 2600/- is charged to cover the major expenses.

Some travel arrangements can be made if substantial number of outside participants wishes to have

conveyance arrangements from Bengaluru. Additionally they have to pay Rs. 500/- (Rs. 3100/- all inclusive) only.

For further clarifications please contact: Smt. Padmavathi S Bhat: 9880435175; Soumya Kumar – 09480559845