Jyotishmati – An Astro-Spiritual Retreat by Sri AB Shuklaji, Hon. National President, ICAS

Jan 1, 2016

The New Year began with the most auspicious programme – Jyotishmati – An Astro-Spiritual Retreat at the famous temple town of Melukote.

The programme was conducted under the guidance of our Hon. National President, Sri A B Shukla. He guided us through yoga, meditation, intricacies of astrology. The sessions on Central Plan of Previous Life (CPPL) was dealt extensively with copious examples. Sri Shuklaji also took us in to the wonderful world of Nakshatras; the innate characteristics of rashis along with their external significations were also taught. The programme was inaugurated by Sri Kumar, Director of Academy of Sanskrit Research, Melukote.

It is with immense gratitude we place on record that the following faculty members of our chapter were conferred with different titles by the Hon. National President –

Sri Arun Kumar – Jyotisha Kovida

Sri Jayasheela Bhat – Jyotisha Kovida

Smt Padmavathi S Bhat – Jyotisha Kovida

Soumya Kumar – Jyotisha Vachaspati

The three day-four nights programme was attended by 43 members from many parts of India, including New Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore.