Understanding Ashtakavarga for Successful Predictions: Sri E Saravanan, Hon. National Secretary ICAS

May 18, 2014

ICAS Mysore chapter students had a knowledgeable and humorous time on 18th April with Sri E Saravanan, Hon National Secretary of ICAS. Sri Saravanan taught us the basics and application of Ashtakavarga.

The programme started at the auspicious 0955am with the prayer, led by Ms Surabhi Pustakam followed by Lighting of the Lamp and other formalities. Sri Saravanan started with how to interpret the Sun’s PAV. The whole exercise could start early as the work sheets prepared by Sri Saravanan were distributed earlier to the participants and they had the opportunity to work out the AV bindus for a chart of their choice.

He demonstrated how to read the BAVs for different planets and moved on to the SAV. In this, each and every house was dealt in detail: how to identify the number of co-borns, subject to modern conditions, the effect of transit of benefic planets, identification of good time within a day, week, month and year. The general background of a native at the time of birth, physical health, the significance of 6-8-12 houses; the importance of 8th house for longevity and spouse, relative status of native and her/his father or mother, help from the parents, relationship with children, profession and achievements …. It was a power packed session till the lunch, filled with various handy tools for predictions. Sri Saravanan Sir also took up live charts for demonstration and illustrated the benefits of using AV alone and also how in some matters we need to keep other principles of astrology while reading a chart. In short he showed us the advantages and pitfalls of using AV in isolation.

The post lunch session was devoted to fixing of lagna for any matter by taking the auspicious bindus of AV in to consideration. A “back to basics” lecture was given by him with respect to the characteristic features of different Lagna/Rashi. How to identify the direction of one’s residence, auspicious direction for a native was also dealt with. A most interesting aspect of afternoon session was using AV to time events with the help of Navamsa (D9). Later he took up the Watch Prediction Technique (WPT) and demonstrated how to utilise the same. Sri Saravanan delineated the characteristic features of benefic planets, how to match charts beyond the traditional techniques, timing of marriage and keeping the marriage muhurta.

The whole programme was interactive in nature and fittingly saw a lively exchange of ideas at the end with students seeking many clarifications towards the end of the 6 hours programme.