Jyotish Jnana Samvardhak Karyagar on Enhancing Predictive Skills

Mar 6, 2019

Hon National President Sri A B Shuklaji immersed the faculty members of ICAS Mysuru Chapter in jnana ganga on 6th October 2018.
It was a unique workshop wherein the President himself gave his full personal attention to the strengths and needs of the faculty members. He had a long discussion with each of the 11 teachers. He elicited information about –
1. Faculty member’s profession and interest in astrology along with experience
2. What motivated them to take up teaching astrology
3. Reason for choosing specific subjects to teach
4. Special features that they found interesting while teaching their papers
5. Problems, if any, faced by them while communicating with the students
Based on this detailed feedback, he took an example chart and encouraged the teachers to come out their detailed observations about the chart. There was a free flow of exchange of ideas and views accompanied by gentle nudges and corrections by the President.
Later he demonstrated how a chart can be analysed from various angles including the role of navamsa, ashtakavarga, transit, and Jaimini. He further extended his analysis by showing how integration of the concept of anurakta graha or CPPL will enhance the predictive skills of a student of astrology. The step by step presentation of how to use composite techniques was simply beautiful. It showed the teachers how to analyse a horoscope, how to effectively communicate the ideas that are being taught and finally indicated the need to go beyond expectations of students while teaching. The subtext of his presentation was to make the teachers realise that they should not only study but reflect upon what they have studied to tease out the hidden strands in a chart. Finally he also taught how remedies have to be suggested.
The President showed us how to explain the same concept for different levels of students — praveena and visharada and fondly remembered his initial days as a teacher in ICAS.
Sri Shuklaji answered many questions that the faculty members asked in detail. The time spent with him on that morning was worth every minute. A certificate of appreciation, signed by Sri Shuklaji, was given to all the participants.